Plan ahead! The earlier you start your project, the smoother it will run and the sooner you will get your final delivery. You can increase sales to parents by getting the information to them earlier on!

You can send out order forms to parents as soon as you like – even before sending us your project back.

Another great way of maximising participation and therefore sales of Leavers Books is to make this a classroom project rather than a homework or individual assignment. Get the teachers excited and get them to plan a fun lesson as part of their lesson plans.

Involve the parents! Use our advertising posters around the school, announce it in the newsletter or on the website to get them interested early on rather than just when the order forms go out.

Ensure the teachers are clear on the artwork guidelines – encourage them to ask you any questions at the start so there are no surprises when the artwork is collected. If you have any doubts just give us a call!

Bright and bold is best! Encourage children to create bright and colourful designs – the better the book looks the happier everyone will be!

Remember to include a message from the headteacher, and any interesting photos of school trips, plays, etc that will help the children remember their time at your school!