If you have fewer than 30 pupils taking part please get in touch with us directly before starting the project as there is a minimum page count per book – in most cases we can rearrange to fit but please check with us first!

Bear in mind the designs wil be reduced in size for printing so ensure the writing is not too small.

Encourage the children to think carefully and write about their favourite activities, teachers, friends, subjects and lessons to make the most interesting memories for the future.Only one page of writing per child please!

Please only use felt tip pens, crayons and colouring pencils for any colouring in or drawings – the brighter the colours the better the results!

Please try not to crease or damage the templates as this may show up on the final print.

Remember to ask the headteacher to write a message for the leavers! And include class photos and any other photos or anything else you’d like including, on the USB stick before sending it back.