Hints & Tips

Plan ahead! The earlier you start your project, the smoother it will run and the sooner you will get your final delivery. You can increase sales to parents by getting the information to them earlier on! You can send out order forms to parents as soon as you like - even before sending us your [...]

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In order to receive the final printed books before the end of term, we need approximately 2 weeks to create a proof and 2-3 weeks for print and delivery - so please let us have your USB project stick back at least 5-6 weeks before the end of term. If you can get it to [...]

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Photo Guide

Consider taking the photos of all the children in the same place to make the background consistent throughout the book, eg the library, on the school field... Please ensure the photos are taken at the highest resolution on a digital camera, and saved on to the USB stick in a folder for each class, [...]

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Artwork Guide

If you have fewer than 30 pupils taking part please get in touch with us directly before starting the project as there is a minimum page count per book - in most cases we can rearrange to fit but please check with us first! Bear in mind the designs wil be reduced in size [...]

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