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School leavers book

Create fantastic, professionally printed Leavers Books with children’s memories and raise loads of money for the school. And with absolutely…



School LEAVERS BOOK Look Like?

The Leavers Books are A5 size with a full page dedicated to each child with their photo and written words, as well as any other pages you choose – class photos, a headteacher’s message, maybe even photos of memorable school trips, sports days or school plays!



Children will love remembering their time at your school with a high quality Leavers Book full of pictures of all their friends, favourite moments and cherished memories! Imagine creating a book like this while at the same time raising money for your school! Everyone’s a winner!

The School Leavers Book Project allows you to combine fundraising with creativity, so the children will have lots of fun creating memory books and parents will love seeing their children in professionally printed books to keep forever!

Organising a School Leavers Book Project is very easy – we have ensured the process is as simple as possible – just follow our seven easy steps in your info pack! And if at any time you have any questions or need any help, you can just call or email us and we’ll be delighted to help you out.

how much

does it cost?

The School Leavers Book Project is an easy and fantastic way to raise funds for the school/PTA/charity with no cost to the school! The school sells the Leavers Books to parents adding some profit onto the cost price, thereby raising valuable funds for the school.

£14 *

Suggested Price to Parents


Price to School


£3 per book

Funds Raised


* This is our suggested price to parents. If you would like to change this to raise more money or reduce the price to parents, you can do so easily by editing the price on the parent order forms before printing them off!

** Prices include VAT. If your school is able to reclaim VAT from HMRC then you can add EVEN MORE to the total you raise! We will issue a full VAT invoice in order for you to be able to do this.


does it work?

It’s really easy!! As coordinator, you will be running the project for your school. This is a very simple process with us as you only have a few steps to consider.

Register your school’s project on our website as soon as possible. When you have received your info pack, you will have all the materials and instructions you need to complete the project.


Put simply, all you need to do is get the children to write their memories and favourite school moments on our templates, take photos of the children and save them on the USB, collect orders (and payment) from the parents, and send it all back to us and we will do the rest!

Once we receive all your materials, we will create a digital proof of your leavers book which you will then need to approve by email, and once we get that confirmation we will print and send your books out to you as soon as possible!


Consider taking the photos of all the children in the same place to make the background consistent throughout the book, eg the library, on the school field…

Please ensure the photos are taken at the highest resolution on a digital camera, and saved on to the USB stick in a folder for each class, and each photo saved as the name of the pupil.

What about dressing up or using photo booth props!?

If you have fewer than 30 pupils taking part please get in touch with us directly before starting the project as there is a minimum page count per book – in most cases we can rearrange to fit but please check with us first!

Bear in mind the designs wil be reduced in size for printing so ensure the writing is not too small.

Encourage the children to think carefully and write about their favourite activities, teachers, friends, subjects and lessons to make the most interesting memories for the future.Only one page of writing per child please!

Please only use felt tip pens, crayons and colouring pencils for any colouring in or drawings – the brighter the colours the better the results!

Please try not to crease or damage the templates as this may show up on the final print.

Remember to ask the headteacher to write a message for the leavers! And include class photos and any other photos or anything else you’d like including, on the USB stick before sending it back.

Plan ahead! The earlier you start your project, the smoother it will run and the sooner you will get your final delivery. You can increase sales to parents by getting the information to them earlier on!

You can send out order forms to parents as soon as you like – even before sending us your project back.

Another great way of maximising participation and therefore sales of Leavers Books is to make this a classroom project rather than a homework or individual assignment. Get the teachers excited and get them to plan a fun lesson as part of their lesson plans.

Involve the parents! Use our advertising posters around the school, announce it in the newsletter or on the website to get them interested early on rather than just when the order forms go out.

Ensure the teachers are clear on the artwork guidelines – encourage them to ask you any questions at the start so there are no surprises when the artwork is collected. If you have any doubts just give us a call!

Bright and bold is best! Encourage children to create bright and colourful designs – the better the book looks the happier everyone will be!

Remember to include a message from the headteacher, and any interesting photos of school trips, plays, etc that will help the children remember their time at your school!

In order to receive the final printed books before the end of term, we need approximately 2 weeks to create a proof and 2-3 weeks for print and delivery – so please let us have your USB project stick back at least 5-6 weeks before the end of term. If you can get it to us earlier, even better as your order will be at the front of the queue and you will receive your books sooner!
If you are having trouble with the deadline please get in touch and we will try and help.

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